About Us


Every workout will have calorie torching and muscle defining moves that keep your body moving and your heart smiling. You will even find your flexibility will increase.

We work hard so you work hard to have fun and feel great. Movement choreographed to the beat of the music will have you living in the moment each time you enter the studio.

Don’t worry were not a dance studio you dont have to be a dancer.  We use dance elements, heart rate training, strength and resistance training to get you lean and strong and defined.  You’ll walk out of the room with better posture and confident with what you accomplished.

The best part is our class is low impact we never want to compromise your joints or breakdown muscles. We encourage all ages and fitness levels from beginner to advanced to try our class. We use the barre, weights, resistance bands, plyometrics, HIIT, and some classic dance moves to make it all come together in one of the most dynamic energizing fitness classes you will ever take.

In our 60 min classes you will do it all! No need to do cardio, strength training separately again. We get it all done with some awesome flexibility moves as well so you are one and done!

Some of our classes will have a special emphasis- but dont fret every class is a full body workout from head to heart to toes- EVERytime.

EverStrong has a muscle defining emphasis
Everbarre Hustle has a circuit training emphasis that gets your heart pumping
EverDance has focus on classic movements and flexibility
Everburlesque– get your sexy on

AGAIN- No experience needed and you will always walk out of class with a calorie scorching muscle shaping workout- we promise!